New Users


A User Template has been created for the type of user you are wanting to create.

Add New User

  1. Login to the Symbee Connect Administration Portal.

  2. Select Function from the top navigation bar and then select User Administration from the User Configuration section.

  3. From the User Administration screen, select which User Type you want to add from the left side navigation bar:

  4. Unified Communications Users: Non-contact center user.

  5. Contact Center Users (default)

  6. Select Add User.

  7. Select the appropriate template from the dropdown box:

  8. Add User based on Template:

  9. Optional: If you want to create an Amazon Connect user at the same time as creating a Symbee Connect user (ie. you haven't already created a new user in Amazon Connect already), click the checkbox and fill out the following:

    • Security Profile
    • Group Hierarchy
    • Routing Profile
    • Default Password
    • ACW Timeout

  10. The populate the following section with the user details

    • Login Name - Note: this must match the user created in Amazon Connect
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email

  11. Select Add Users on the top right. The new user will now appear in the users list.

For more information about modifying, adding and deleting Users and User Profiles, check out our section on User Administration.