AWS Marketplace

Symbee Connect is purchased through the AWS Marketplace, and is billed in a pay-as-you-go model, based on agent logged-in-minute.

Symbee Connect usage will then appear as a line-item on your AWS Account bill.

You subscribe to Symbee Connect by logging into the AWS Console for the AWS Account your Amazon Connect instance (or instances) resides in.

When logged in to your AWS Account, from the AWS Console:

Refer to the discussion below about Company Aliases and Environments for more context during sign-up.

Company Alias and Environments

Symbee Connect Company Alias

Each time you subscribe to Symbee Connect via the AWS Marketplace, a new Company is provisioned within Symbee Connect.

Symbee Connect Environments

Within each Symbee Connect Company, multiple Environments can be configured. The act of signing up for Symbee Connect creates a Company and its First Environment.