Do Not Call Lists

A region has to be selected in Symbee Connect Integration under Do Not Call Lists Configuration. For information regarding this setting click here.

Options are Modify List Attibutes, Delete List and Add New List.

Create New List

Complete the following to create a new Do Not Call list:


Name of the new list.


A short description of the list.

Strictly enforced?

Do you want to have the list strictly enforce. Either are True or False.

Expiration period

A number of days, if provided, entries in the list will become inactive after this period has elapsed.

Default list?

Sets this list to be the Default list. If True is selected, new entries added by Agents will be added to this list.

Note: There can only be one Default list. Setting this to true will reset any other current Default list to False.

Address Type

There is on one option - Phone.

Modify List Attributes

Selecting Modify List Attributes enables you to change the parameters and selections you defined when you created the selected list.

Populate Do Not Call List

Select the file you want to use for the Do Not Call List.

Note: The file should contain the list of phone numbers, each Phone Number on a separate line with no header line in the file. Each line should begin with the Phone Number. Each line may contain additional information in comma separated (CSV) format, but for now only the Phone Number will be loaded. The Phone Number should be in E.164 international notation.

For information about populating a Do Not Call list, refer to the Create and Populate Do Not Call List section of the Do Not Call Step By Step Guide.