Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I create an additional Portal Administrator in my Company?

Symbee Connect Portal Administrators are maintained via the Company drop-down menu (the first menu on the left on the top navigation bar when logged into the admin portal). Note that only administrators with an access level Role of Administrator can maintain other Administration Users. See here for more detail.

Q: I created a Portal Administrator but they can't log in to the Symbee Connect desktop user/agent UI - what's wrong?

A user/agent accessing the Symbee Connect desktop UI for contact servicing (Engagement) or as a back-office (Unison) user, needs to be configured in the User Administration section of the portal (see here). Which is different from an Administration User.

Administration Users only control who has access to your admin portal, not the end desktop UI.

If you have people that need to be able to both log into the Administration Portal, as well as use the Symbee Connect desktop UI, they will need to be defined as both an Administration User as well as an end user.


Q: How do I create a new user?

Refer to our guide on Creating a New User