Enabling Call Trace Record streaming within Amazon Connect

The following steps enable Call Trace Record (CTR) streaming on your Amazon Connect instance:

  1. Log into your AWS Management Console, and go to Amazon Connect.

  2. Select the Amazon Connect instance you are using with Symbee Connect.

  3. From the resulting Amazon Connect Instance screen, select Data Streaming in the left navigation bar, and make sure Enable data Streaming is checked.

  4. On the same screen, under Contact Trace Records, ensure that the Kinesis Stream option is selected, and a Kinesis Stream is selected in the dropdown that is specific to CTR records for your Instance.

    • If Kinesis Firehose had previously been selected, you will need to transition over to Kinesis Stream. In this case, you can still Firehose the CTR data to a location if needed. After creating the Kinesis Stream in this step, go into the Kinesis Service in your AWS Account, and attach the Firehose you were previously sending CTR events directly to, to the new Kinesis Stream you create here – the CTR data will then be pushed to you already configured location after being sent through the Kinesis Stream.

    • If Kinesis Stream had not previously been set and you don’t currently have a Kinesis Stream to send your CTR data to, click the Create a new Kinesis Stream link to the right.

      • You will be taken to the Kinesis Service in a separate tab.
      • Under Data Streams, click the Create Kinesis Stream button.
      • Set an appropriate name for your new Stream e.g. -CTR
      • Set the Number of Shards (just set to 1 shard unless your call volume is extremely high).
      • Click the blue Create Kinesis Stream button on the bottom right to save.
      • After your stream is created, click on the newly created screen, and copy the ARN of the stream.
    • If you created a new Kinesis Stream above, return to your Amazon Connect tab, select the newly created Kinesis stream, and save the Amazon Connect Instance configuration updates.