Amazon Chime Integration

These settings enable and configure the global Symbee Connect environment level settings of your integration into the Amazon Chime service (Chime SDK).

Enabling the Chime integration for your Symbee Connect environment is optional. When enabled, it gives you access to features that can't be achieved using only Amazon Connect. This includes functionality such as:

Chime Company Environment Global Settings

Amazon Chime Integration Enabled

Whether Chime Integration is enabled for this Company Environment. This must be set for user-level Chime features to take effect.

When enabling Chime Integration, you need to run the Amazon Chime CloudFormation to allow Symbee Connect access to the Chime SDK in your AWS account. See Feature Integrations (CloudFormations).

Chime SDK Master AWS Region

Reserved for future use. Always set to "us-east-1". This is the region Amazon Chime SDK API requests are sent to.

Default Chime Meeting AWS Region

Required. The default AWS Region that Chime Meetings are established in for Direct User Calling for this Company Environment. Can be optionally overridden at a User level if necessary.

Default Maximum Concurrent Chime Calls for Users

The default maximum number of concurrent calls (line appearances) for each user. Can be optionally overridden at a User level as needed.

Direct User Calling Enabled

Whether direct user-to-user calling (via Chime) is enabled for this Company Environment. This must be set for user-level Direct User Calling settings to take effect.

Outbound PSTN Calling Enabled

Whether outbound calling (via Chime) to the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) is enabled for this Company Environment. This must be set for user-level Direct Outbound Calling settings to take effect.

Default Outbound Calling Number Presented

The default Calling Number (the 'From' phone number) presented on Direct Outbound PSTN calls.

Must be a valid claimed phone number within the Chime Service in your AWS Account. Can be overridden at a User level as needed.

PSTN Outbound SIP Media Application ID

Within Chime in your AWS Account, under Calling / SIP Media Applications, the ID of the deployed and registered SymbeeChimeSMALambda. This is referenced and used for Outbound Calling to PSTN Numbers.

Inbound Call Rules

These settings control how inbound calls via the Chime Voice Connector are initially handled or treated in your Symbee Connect environment.

Define your rules to be applied to inbound calls arriving via your AWS Chime Service - either via inbound Chime PSTN numbers (Public Telephone Numbers) or from configured Chime Voice Connectors.

For each arriving inbound call, the dialed phone number on the call is first checked for a match against any of the Inbound Address rules configured here. The first matching rule determines the treatment to be taken for the call.

If the dialed phone number on an inbound call does not match any of the rules configured, it is then assumed to be a user-destined Direct Inbound Dial call and will be routed directly to the User that has a matching Direct Dial Number on their User Profile (under Voice Channel/Dialing settings).

If the dialed phone number does not match any user's Direct Inbound Dial number either, an invalid call tone will be played and the call will be disconnected.

Use the Modify, Delete, and Add New Inbound Call Rule actions to maintain your Chime Inbound Calling rules.

Inbound Call Rule Settings

Inbound Call Address

The inbound address pattern (e.g. Phone Number, or Regular Expression pattern) this rule applies to. Phone Number patterns must be in E.164 format (e.g. +15552103469).

Is Inbound Call Address rule a Regular Expression?

Check this if the inbound address string specified above is a regular expression to be used for matching


A short description of the purpose of this Chime Inbound Call rule.

Rule Apply Order

If an inbound call address matches multiple Inbound Call rules, only one rule will be applied. This order controls the order (lower number first) in which each rule is considered and applied.

Treatment Type

Select the type of call treatment to be applied to inbound calls matching this rule.

The currently supported Treatment Types are: - Forward - forward the inbound call immediately on to the configured Destination Address - Bridge - Similar to Forward except achieves the forward behavior by bridging the call through a temporary Chime Meeting room

Additional support for Extension and Queue Treatment Types will also be available in a future release.

Destination Address

Required for Bridge and Forward Treatment Types. The destination phone number (in E.164 format) to bridge or forward the inbound call to.

Chime Meeting Region

Required for Bridge and Forward Treatment Types. The AWS Region to use for the Chime Meeting established for the call bridge/forward. For example: us-east-1, us-west-2, etc.