Performing Evaluations

Once you have created and published at least one Evaluation Form (see Evaluation Form Administration for details), you can begin performing evaluations on your users/agents.

Evaluation results are stored in your AWS Account, within an S3 bucket created when you download and run the Optimize CloudFormation. Make sure you have deployed this CloudFormation prior to performing evaluations. For further reference, see the Installing the Optimize CloudFormation step-by-step guide.

Starting an Evaluation

An evaluation is performed within the context on a Contact Center Interaction. Once a contact center interaction is delivered to an end user or agent, the user and customer can be recorded (for a phone call, the call and or screen recording - for other types of interactions you can enable screen recording).

A new Optimize Evaluation can be launched in one of two ways:

  1. Through Symbee Connect Analytics - identify an interaction you want to evaluate, and click the Evaluate button.
  2. From the Interaction Search view in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal - search and locate an interaction to evaluate in the search view, enable the Evaluations column in the search view, and click on the + (Add New Evaluation) button

Performing an Evaluation

When a new evaluation is started (via either method above), the Evaluation view is opened in a new browser window/tab.

Summary information about the interaction the evaluation is based on is displayed at the top of the form in the first Work Being Evaluated section. This includes:

In the next Select Form for Evaluation section, use the two drop-down selector fields to choose one of the published Evaluation Forms to use for the evaluation. First select the Form Group, and then within that group select the form to use.

Note: Only Evaluation Forms in a PUBLISHED state will appear in the list of form when performing an evaluation. If one of your Forms is not displayed in the list, check its publish state and make sure its not still in a DRAFT state.

Once a form is selected, the remainder of the Evaluation form will be presented in the view, with a summary at both the top and the bottom showing a current score and total possible score, and the form questions grouped into sections based on how the form was built using the Form Builder.

Once you have completed all the form fields, use the Submit Evaluation button at the very bottom of the form to save the new evaluation.

Sending the Evaluation to the User/Agent for review

Once a new evaluation has been submitted, a final Evaluation Complete section is displayed to the evaluator. See below as an example:

This section provides a link that the User or Agent being evaluated can use to review their evaluation.

Clicking the Send Email to User button in the Evaluation Complete section starts a new email via your default Email client, and preloads the email with a canned message, and the review link. Add the user's preferred email address to the To: field in the resulting email, add any additional notes if needed, and send the email to the user for review.

For security purposes, the evaluated user will need to be logged in to the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI to be able to review the evaluation. This ensures that the agent has access, and also restricts an agent to only being able to review evaluations made for their interactions.

If you have already closed out the evaluation window and you need to get the User/Agent review link again afterwards, the review link can also be obtained for an evaluation via the Evaluations History view. Search and locate the evaluation in the history view, and click the View Evaluation button. The same review link is added to the bottom of the resulting Evaluation Viewer window.

Working with Disputed or Contested Evaluations

Whether a user being evaluated is allowed to dispute/contest an evaluation is an optional configuration.

This option can be enabled within the Symbee Connect Administration Portal:

  1. Log into the Symbee Connect Administration Portal.
  2. If you have more than one Environment configured within your Company in Symbee Connect, make sure you have the appropriate one selected. This can be found on the Navigation bar to the left of the Function menu.
  3. From the main Function menu, select Symbee Connect Integration
  4. In the Symbee Connect Integration view, scroll down and expand the Optimize Configuration settings group
  5. Enable evaluation disputes by checking the Allow users to dispute evaluations checkbox
  6. Add some appropriate instructions to the User instructions for evaluation disputes text box - this message is displayed to the user or agent at the bottom of the evaluation during their review.
  7. Click Save (top right) to save the configuration updates.

When Evaluation Disputes is enabled, an additional section becomes available to the user reviewing an evaluation at the bottom of the form. This section allows the user to contest the evaluation and provide a note/reason back to the Evaluator for review.

When an evaluation is disputed, its state changes to Contested. Contested evaluations can be reviewed from the Evaluations History screen. See the Evaluation History section for details about how to resolve a contested evaluation.