Environment Selector

Symbee Connect allows you to provision multiple environments within your Symbee Connect Company account. Refer to Company Environments for a full description of Environments0 and also how to provision new Environments.

When you are administering configuration objects through the various options on the main Function Menu in the Administration Portal (for example: Users, Skill Queues, Hours Schedules, Work Codes, Channels) you are always updating the configuration for a specific environment - the current environment you have selected.

The Environment Selector dropdown menu, located on the top navigation bar of the Symbee Connect Administration Portal (to the left of the main Function menu) determines which environment's configuration you are administering within the region. It enables you to change between one environment and another within the Administration Portal.

The list of which environments seen in your Environment Selector is limited to the company environments provisioned within the current region. To configure environments in another region, log into the Symbee Connect Administration Portal in that region.

Which environments seen in your Environment Selector can be further limited based on the configuration of your Administration User. Certain administrators can be restricted to only have visibility to certain environments. See here for how to configure this.