Release Notes for all 2023 Q3 Updates

All releases listed are deployed to all Symbee Connect Regions globally. Each release begins deployment in US Virginia (us-east-1) region first, and then progresses to all other regions globally over the course of approximately 48 hours.

The release dates below mark the date of the release deployment into the first region (us-east-1).

2023 / 07 / 16

What's New

  1. Symbee Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Updates
    • The Dynamics 365 Integration Fusion has been updated to support Dynamics Channel Integration Framework (CIF) version 2.0. Previously, only Dynamics CIF version 1.0 was supported.
  2. Symbee Connect Email Channel - Inbound Routing Rules Maintenance Updates
    • Email Inbound Routing Rules maintenance views in the Symbee Connect Admin Portal have been updated to include full validation of Regular Expressions (Regex) for rule criteria that is indicated to be a regular expression.

What's Fixed

​ N/A.

What Else

  1. Updates to all Symbee Connect Realtime Statistics feeds to accurately populate the oldest waiting task in queue statistics for Symbee Delivered skill queues of all channel types. This also includes accurate representation of "tasks in-flight" currently being delivered. This includes the User/Agent UI Realtime Stats view, Supervisor views, and the Symbee Connect Realtime Statistics API used by reporting tools.
  2. More efficient handling for playback of long-duration audio (call recording) and video (screen-recording) media files from the Symbee Connect Admin Portal Interaction Search view.
  3. Stability updates.

2023 / 07 / 08

What's New

  1. Symbee Connect Interaction Search updates

    • Support has been added for the following two new fields/columns in the Symbee Connect Admin Portal Interaction Search view (to view the new fields, click the Columns button in the toolbar on the top-right of the search results area):

      • Subject - contains the content of the Email subject line. Currently only relevant on interactions of TaskType: EMAIL
      • Last Email Action - only relevant on interactions of TaskType: EMAIL. Contains the last action performed on the email by the Agent - possible values are: Accepted, Reply, ReplyAll, Forward, Cancel, or Outbound Sent
    • Both of the new Subject and Email Last Action fields are searchable, sortable, can be used in filters, and are included in Interaction Search export CSV files.

    • Column visibility in the search results is updated to "remember" changes to which columns are displayed in the results for the duration of the admin user's logged in session.
  2. Symbee Connect Administration Portal - update to SAML Single-Sign-On

    • SAML-based Single Sign-On support in the Administration Portal has been relaxed to allow the Identity Provider (IdP) to authenticate the user via any method (previously, only Password-based authentication by the IdP was supported).
  3. Symbee Connect Email Channel - updated default Inbound Email Rules Processing Lambda

    • The default Inbound Email Rules Processing Lambda deployed via the Email Channel CloudFormation has been updated to add additional statistics and metrics CloudWatch log entries to support having a CloudWatch Dashboard show analysis of inbound email rule processing (for example: the number of inbound emails arriving, being matched by any of your rules, getting stopped, routed, or following the default non-rule match path).

What's Fixed

  1. Fixing rare issue where occasionally an Optimize Evaluation link emailed to an agent resulted in a blank screen when the agent clicked on the evaluation link.
  2. Updates to the Bulk Maintain User Settings view in the Administration Portal:
    • Fixing issue where the Auto-Accept checkbox wasn't getting pre-populated correctly
    • Updates to allow all columns to be searchable and sortable

What Else

  1. Updates to capture additional email address information for unsolicited outbound emails.
  2. Cleanup of email address information within Symbee Connect Interaction Search export CSV files.
  3. Admin Portal login password-expiry checking is now bypassed during a SAML Single-Sign-On based login via your IdP. The Password Reset Required screen will be displayed to the user during the next non-SSO based login.
  4. Change History entries for User adds are updated with additional detail to indicate the method of the user add (via CSV import file, via Template Apply, etc.)

Feature Integration CloudFormation Updates available

(Refer here for additional guidance on applying our CloudFormation updates).