Symbee Connect Feature List

The following is an itemized, but not exhaustive, list of features provided by the Symbee Connect products. Each of the Symbee Connect features provides "no code" optional and configurable functionality not provided out-the-box by Amazon Connect or the other Customer Engagement related AWS Services.

General Agent and User Interface

User Management

User General (Contact Center and Back Office)

User Calling and Dialing

Do Not Call

Call History

Instant Messaging between Users


Contact Center Specific

Hours of Operation

Flow Control

Contact Center Interaction Handling

Call Recording

Screen Recording

Agent Realtime Queue Stats

Contact Center Supervisor

Work Codes

(Also known as Call Dispositions, Result Codes, Activity Codes, and Call Outcomes in other systems and platforms)

Auto-Text Library (Pre-written Text snippets)

Agent-side Chat Functionality

Contact Center Agent Evaluations and Scorecards

Contact Center Channels

Automated Outbound Dialing

Webchat Channel

SMS Channel

Email Channel

Social Messaging Channels

Screen Pops, CRM and External System Integration

Contact Attribute Display

Cloud CRM Integrations

Full prebuilt CRM integrations can be configured at a user profile level for the following popular CRM platforms:

Integrating to custom external systems, and in-house developed CRM's