Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation are the standard, defined hours your company is open for business. They include exceptions for when your company is closed due to statutory holidays or company holidays.

The Hours of Operation feature within Symbee Connect allows you to build custom schedules for any channel or department including specifying standard operational hours as well as configuring company observed holidays.

Hours of Operation schedules can be used with both Symbee Connect delivered channels as well as Amazon Connect delivered channels.

The Operating Hours Schedules administered here can also be used in Amazon Connect Contact flows using a Lambda function. Refer to the AWS Configuration section of the Hours of Operation Step by Step Guide.

Options to Modify, Delete and Add New Hours Schedule.

Operating Hours Schedule

Add New Schedule


Your unique identifying name for this Operating Hours Schedule.
Allowed characters: Upper and Lowercase characters, numbers, hyphens, space, maximum length 30.

Operating Hours Description

The description of this Operating Hours Schedule.

Operating Time Zone

The time zone this Operating Schedule is defined in.

Operating Schedule - Standard Hours

Define standard Operating Hours Schedule.

Operating Schedule - Exception Dates

Define exceptions to standard Operating Schedule.
Exception days can either be defined as Closed or have specific operating hours.

Modify Schedule

Brings up an exisiting schedule and allow you to modify and configure.

Delete Operating Hours Schedule

Allows you to delete an existing Operating Hours Schedule.

For further information about the steps for configuring Hours of Operation, refer to our Step by Step Guide.