Symbee Connect Integration

These settings configure aspects of the global behavior for your Symbee Connect environment, such as enabling internal user to user Instant Messaging, publishing of Symbee Connect interaction data into Kinesis data streams in your AWS account and channel related global environment settings.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Enabled

Whether native Instant Messaging between users is enabled for this Company Environment. This must be set for user-level Instant Messaging settings to take effect.

Default Maximum Concurrent Instant Message Conversations

The default maximum number of concurrent Instant Messaging Conversations allowed for each user. Can be optionally overridden at a User level as needed.

Reporting Configuration

Use these settings to enable real-time streaming of interaction data and user usage events for your Symbee Connect environment. The approach for this data is very similar to how Amazon Connect publishes Contact Trace Records (CTR's) and Agent Events as JSON objects onto Kinesis Streams.

If you are enabling these settings, make sure to download and run the Reporting and Analytics CloudFormation which provisions the Kinesis Streams in your AWS account to receive the data. By default, the CloudFormation also attaches Kinesis Firehoses to the Streams and saves the data into an S3 bucket in your account.

See here for a description of the data model of the events published.

AWS Reporting Resources Region

The AWS Region containing the reporting Kinesis streams and S3 bucket used to receive the event, usage, and transcript data. For example: us-east-1.

Set this to the AWS region you run the Reporting and Analytics CloudFormation in your AWS account.

Interaction Details

Whether to publish Interaction details to Kinesis - when enabled, a new Interaction Trace Record (ITR) is published in JSON format at the conclusion of each Interaction serviced by an agent, or call or IM taken or made by a Unison user.

Work Code Events

If you are using Symbee Connect Work Codes, enable this to publish Work Code selections to Kinesis.

Chat Transcripts

Enable this to have JSON transcripts of all Symbee Connect (i.e., non Amazon delivered) chat conversations stored in your reporting S3 bucket.

User Events

Whether to publish Symbee Connect user usage events to Kinesis. A user usage event is published each time a user/agent signs in, signs out, and once every 5 minutes while logged in to capture usage duration.

Extended Agent Events

Enable this to have an event published to Kinesis to represent each Symbee Connect contact center agent work-state change. This stream captures the same kind of information as the Amazon Connect Agent Events stream captures, except also captures events and work state changes due to non-Amazon interactions delivered through Symbee Connect.

Optimize Configuration

These settings configure the global aspects of the Symbee Connect Optimize features.

If you are enabling these settings, make sure to download and run the Optimize CloudFormation in your AWS account, which creates an S3 bucket to receive the Optimize data.

Screen Recording Storage Region

The AWS Region containing the S3 bucket for screen recordings. For example: us-east-1.

Set this to the AWS region you run the Optimize CloudFormation in your AWS account.

Screen Recording Port

The TCP port used by Screen Recording on the users/agents desktop. Leave blank to use the default port.

Available port range from Screen Recording Port

The user desktop service will search for an open port if the default is unavailable, use this to limit the amount of ports searched.

Screen Recording Maximum Duration

The maximum duration (in seconds) of Screen Recordings

Screen Recording Frame Rate (per second)

This setting will significantly impact the amount of screen-recording storage used, and has impacts on network usage on the user/agent desktop. Recommended value no more than 2 frames per second.

Evaluation Dynamo Region

The AWS Region containing the dynamo table that stores evaluation data For example: us-east-1.

Set this to the AWS region you run the Optimize CloudFormation in your AWS account.

Allow users to dispute evaluations

Whether a user can begin disputes on their evaluations

User instructions for evaluation disputes

These instructions are displayed to users on the evaluation form when disputes are enabled.

Do Not Call Lists Configuration

AWS Do Not Call Resources Region

AWS Region the Do Not Call Cloudformation was deployed in (for example: us-east-1)

Two character country code

ISO 3166-1 2-character country code. (e.g., US) used to parse phone numbers in E.164 format. See

Preview Campaign Configuration


The AWS region the Preview Cloudformation Template was deployed in. For example: us-east-1.