Enghouse SmartDial

Enghouse Interactive SmartDial is an industry leading outbound dialer, providing clients and agents with an unparalleled experience, delivering higher agent productivity and simplifying compliance with regulations as compared to other outbound dialer solutions.

Symbee Connect has been integrated directly into the Enghouse SmartDial for Amazon Connect product variant to optionally allow you access to a complete set of preview and predictive Outbound Dialing functionality from your Symbee Connect and Amazon Connect environment, and blend that work seamlessly with your other Contact Canter channels and inbound call volume.

Enghouse SmartDial Integration

These settings enable the overall Symbee Connect integration into your Amazon Connect enabled Enghouse SmartDial platform at your overall Company Environment level.

You can then control which of your agents have the Enghouse SmartDial integration enabled through User profiles and templates. See the Enghouse SmartDial Integration settings under the Contact Center section of your User profiles and Templates.

Enghouse SmartDial Integration Settings

Enghouse SmartDial Integration Enabled

Whether Enghouse SmartDial Integration is enabled for this Company Environment. This must be set for user-level SmartDial features to take effect.

SmartDial AWS Cognito Pool ID

The ID of the trusted AWS Cognito Identity Pool used for SmartDial agent authentication. The AWS Cognito Identity Pool is created during the SmartDial installation process. Locate the Cognito_AUTH_SmartDialIdentityPoolID Role within IAM in your AWS Account - the Cognito Identity Pool ID is referenced in the Trust Relationship condition of this IAM Role. Enter the referenced Pool ID here.