Amazon Connect Integration

These settings configure the main association between your Symbee Connect environment and the AWS Account where your Amazon Connect Instance resides, the general end user sign-in strategy being used (for example single sign on) and how much of your Amazon Connect configuration is visible within the Symbee Connect portal.

The values of these settings impact the content of the AWS CloudFormation scripts that can be downloaded from the Feature Integrations (CloudFormations) page. Make sure to download the AWS CloudFormation scripts after saving updates to these settings first.


Amazon Connect URL

The agent/user login or access URL of your AWS Connect instance. This is the URL your user or agent would originally use to access the out-the-box Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP).

You can find the basis of this URL on the main page of your Amazon Connect instance within the AWS Console (prior to entering the actual Amazon Connect console). It is listed as Login URL. The URL shown will end in /login. Replace the /login part with /ccp-v2.

As examples, the format of this URL will differ based on when your Amazon Connect instance was originally provisioned:

Amazon Connect Single Sign-On Details

These settings relate to SSO for your end users/agents when using the Symbee Connect desktop UI for contact servicing and call handling. For details about set up of Single Sign On to your Symbee Connect Administration Portal for administration users, see here.

Amazon Connect Single Sign-On Behavior enabled

Whether login behavior related to Amazon Connect SAML based Single Sign-On is enabled. Use this and the related Single Sign-On URL, if your Amazon Connect Instance has been SAML enabled and your Identity Provider (IdP) provides an embeddable URL representing your Amazon Connect SSO setup.

Amazon Connect Single Sign-On URL

The Single Sign-on Agent Login URL for your Amazon Connect instance CCP. If your Amazon Connect Instance has been SAML enabled and your Identity Provider (IdP) provides an embeddable URL representing your Amazon Connect SSO setup, enter it here.

Auto-Close Amazon Connect Window during Sign-On

Controls whether the secondary Amazon Connect CCP window is automatically closed at completion of sign-on.

Refer to our Configuring Single Sign-on (SSO) for Users and Agents Guide for more information and configuration details.

Amazon Connect Integration

Amazon Connect Instance ARN

The AWS ARN of your Amazon Connect Instance to connect to for API access

Connect Directory Type

The User Directory type of this Amazon Connect instance. Connect Managed is the default, when your users are stored internally in Amazon Connect. Existing Directory is when your Amazon Connect instance is linked to an Active Directory (not via SAML).

Connect User Management Integration enabled

Whether tools to manage Users within in your Amazon Connect instance are available from the User Administration screens within this portal

Connect Queue Integration Enabled

Whether queue integration with the Amazon Connect instance is enabled.

Realtime and Historical Metrics enabled

Whether the integration can access the Amazon Connect API for metrics

Realtime Metrics Refresh Interval

If Realtime and Historical Metrics is enabled, how often (in seconds) Amazon Connect will be called to refresh data

Amazon Connect Advanced Settings

Third Party Establish Buffer

The time, in milliseconds, to allow for a third party connection to be announced. Default is 2000 (2 seconds). Relevant for Blind Transfers and Conferences.

Blind Transfer Completion Buffer

The time, in milliseconds, to allow for merge during a blind transfer to properly establish. Default is 2000 (2 seconds).