User Reporting Hierarchy


When configured and enabled, Symbee Connect Interaction, Work Code selection and User Usage data is emitted for reporting and analytics (see here for configuring and enabling this). You can configure your Symbee Connect users into hierarchies, to allow your reporting data to be structured and grouped into hierarchies that make sense for your business.

For example, you could set up hierarchies to represent geographical locations for your users, such as: US West, US East, UK, Europe, etc. Or you might set up hierarchies to represent your Business Units, such as: Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, etc. Or a combination of both. How you set up your users into hierarchies us up to you.

Once your users are set up in hierarchies, the reporting and analytics data will begin including this hierarchy as the data is collected.

Additionally, some of the Symbee Connect features also make use of the configured user hierarchies. Specifically:

Add Groups

A Hierarchy is made up of Groups (think similar to folders). A group can be a parent group, a child group, or both. Once a group is created, you then manage what users (or other groups) belong to the group.

Enter the name of the new Group to add.

Manage Groups

Manage Memberships

Select, add, remove, and manage the members contained in the group. A group member can either be a user, or another group. A group can contain both users and other groups.


Deletes a group from the hierarchy.