Downloading User Logs for Support

When opening a Support request for assistance with user's having an issue, Support may ask for a download of a log from a user experiencing the issue, to assist support in troubleshooting.

If requested to provide logs, follow the steps below.

Downloading Logs for Support

Note: The logs downloaded below provide details of recent activity from the user's browser. The logs roll-off over time and usually hold up to about 1 hour of the most recent activity. Therefore, have the user follow the steps below immediately, or soon after, an occurrence of the reported issue happens (for example, after they have finished and wrapped the interaction).

  1. On the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI, click the Settings cog on the very lower left of the UI. The Settings panel will open.

  2. Click to expand the Support Tools section (the bottom section) on the Settings panel. The Support Tools section will show.

  3. There are two download buttons. The left Download Logs button downloads the logs in a format best used for Symbee Support. (The right 'Download for AWS' button can be used if you are working with AWS Support and they ask for a "CCP log" - the resulting download from the 'Download for AWS' button is in a JSON format preferred by AWS Support).

    Click the left Download Logs button.

The resulting log file will be saved in your /Downloads folder. The file name includes a variation of the user's login-id and the timestamp of when it was collected (both useful for support). Attach the downloaded log file to your support ticket.