Servicing Chats in Symbee Connect

Symbee Connect fully supports using chat based channels for customer servicing in your contact center. Most of the chat features are implemented in a common manner across all chat channels, allowing your agents to service chats in the same way, regardless of the channel the chat comes through. Features such as Work Codes, Idle Timers and Auto Text (pre-canned text response libraries for agent efficiency) are implemented generically across all chat channel types.

Chat Channel Types

Within Symbee Connect you can service chat conversations through the following methods:

Selecting the Chat Delivery Provider

Back in 2018 when Symbee Connect first implemented all the chat channels, there was no option to bring chat conversations directly through Amazon Connect. Therefore Symbee Connect has its own complete chat conversation delivery method. This is referred to within the product as the Symbee Delivery Provider.

In late 2019, Amazon Connect released the support of bringing chat conversations through Amazon Connect Contact Flows and therefore full integration with Amazon Lex chat bots and delivering chat conversations to agents via Amazon Connect Routing Profiles. This is referred to with Symbee Connect as the Amazon Delivery Provider.

Therefore, all chat channels within Symbee Connect support the selection of which Delivery Provider to use - chat delivery through either Amazon Connect (Amazon) or delivery through Symbee Connect. There are pros and cons of each. The Delivery Provider on any chat configuration can be changed between the two methods after initial channel setup. The overall agent and customer end-user experience is the same regardless of which Delivery Provider option is being used. Chat conversations still look and behave the same to the agent with all the normal features available and for example the Symbee Connect Webchat front end looks the same to the customer regardless of the delivery provider.

Selecting Delivery Provider: Symbee Connect

Using Symbee Connect as the delivery provider has the following characteristics:

Selecting Delivery Provider: Amazon

Using Amazon Chat as the delivery provider has the following characteristics: