Agent Status Configuration in Amazon Connect

A Symbee Connect user can be configured in one of 3 different Application Modes:

To use either of the Omnichannel or Unison modes, Symbee Connect requires two additional Agent Statuses to be configured within your Amazon Connect Instance. These Agent Statuses are not visible to the agent within the Symbee Connect UI but are required for correct operation.

When logged in to your AWS Account, and within

  1. Navigate to the Amazon Connect service page, and open the the Amazon Connect Administration console for the Instance you are integrating with Symbee Connect
  2. Within the Amazon Connect console, in the left navigation, select Users and then Agent Status.

  3. On the Manage Agent Status screen, click the Add new agent status button to add the 2 new statuses.

  4. Create the two new (required) Agent Statuses named exactly per the screen shot below, and ensure you the Enabled for use in CCP box is checked for both.

Note: The above are the default values. The exact names of these new Agent Statuses above need to match the same values configured within your Symbee Connect User Profiles (within the user profile/template, under the AWS Integration, Amazon Connect Integration section) - specifically the Amazon Connect Reserved User State Name and Amazon Connect Missed Call/Task User State Name setting values.