Release Notes for all 2022 Q3 Updates

All releases listed are deployed to all Symbee Connect Regions globally. Each release begins deployment in US Virginia (us-east-1) region first, and then progresses to all other regions globally over the course of approximately 48 hours.

The release dates below mark the date of the release deployment into the first region (us-east-1).

2022 / 09 / 08

What's New

New and enhanced version (2.0) of the Symbee Universal Plugin Chrome Browser Extension is available

The Symbee Universal Plugin browser extension provides functionality including a no-code enabling of Click to Call for fields on generic web pages and/or CRM's where there is no direct CRM Integration plug-in available (including your custom in-house developed web applications), and enabling Automated Recording Pause and Resume when a user is interacting with targeted input fields on web pages.

The following enhancements and new functionality has been added:

For further details see the documentation here.

2022 / 08 / 19

What's New

  1. Display Names are added to User entries in the Directory Tool

    • Previously, User entries in the Directory tool of the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI displayed the User Id of the respective user. These have now been updated to show both the User's display name and User Id. The Directory Search filter is updated to search on the values of either the user's display name or user Id.
  2. Salesforce CRM Integration Enhancements

    • A new Lambda is provided for use in Amazon Connect Contact Flows, allowing Salesforce Entity searches/lookups, creates, and updates, as an alternative to using the AWS Salesforce Python Lambda.

      • Contact Flow Lambda operations include: Insert, Select, Update, and ConcatStringV2
    • Support is added to allow a screen-pop within Salesforce using an optional alternative URL based approach

      • This allows custom views to be popped and, as they are URL based, allows any available Contact Attribute values to be injected into the URL as query-string parameters, and then be available to code in custom views/forms. Therefore allows scenarios such as relationships to be built using Contact Id's, or and/or Symbee Connect delivered Task Id's, and the ability to have a view popped that looks up multiple Salesforce entities in the same pop.

      • Two new Contact Attributes are recognized: sf_url, and sf_url_parameters

      • If the sf_url Contact Attribute is present, the new URL-based screen pop functionality will override any default Salesforce screen pop configuration present in the User's settings

      • The sf_url Contact Attribute can contain tokens to support other Contact Attribute values being dynamically injected into the URL (for example: adding query-string parameters into the URL containing values of other Contact Attributes). The related sf_url_parameters Contact Attribute can then be provided that contains a pipe-delimited list of Contact Attribute names to be used in the URL token replacement.

What's Fixed

  1. The default sort order for entries in the Flow Control Tables Content view of the Administration Portal is updated to cater for tables with numeric keys, sorting number based keys in numeric order rather than lexical order.

  2. Fix for Flow Control Points listing screen, where the Update Value button was getting disabled when a Search Filter / custom Sort Order was applied.

What Else

  1. New versions of all Symbee Connect CloudFormations that install Node.js Lambda's that were using a Node.js Runtime Engine lower than version 16, to use the latest Node.js version 16 runtime. This is in support of AWS Lambda's upcoming deprecation of the older Node.js version 12 runtime at the end of the year.

  2. Adding an obnoxious Delete dialog to the delete action of a Flow Control Table in the Administration Portal, that clearly states the action will result in unrecoverable permanent data loss, and requires positive type-in of the name of the table being deleted before the table delete action is performed.

  3. Update to Inbound Email to display the Received: date/time in the user's local desktop time zone in the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI.

  4. Performance Enhancements to the collection and caching of Realtime Statistics used in Agent and Supervisor views.

  5. Internal enhancement to health monitoring for better stability.

Feature Integration CloudFormation Updates available

2022 / 08 / 13

What's New

  1. Symbee Connect Supervisor - Show User Names in Agents view

    • New setting is added to the Symbee Connect Supervisor Tool to optionally toggle between showing User ID's and User Names on the Agents Tab of the Supervisor Tool pop-out window. On the Supervisor pop-out window, within the Agents table, expand the Settings and Filters section at the top.
    • In Show Names mode, the tool tip hover over each agent shows the User Id, and in Show User Id mode, the tool tip shows the user's name.
    • A new Show User Names by Default setting is added under the Supervisor section of the User Template and Users screens in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal.
      • The Agents view in the Supervisor shows User Id's by default, and can be toggled to show User Names instead after launch. Use this setting to show User Names by default on launch instead.
  2. Symbee Connect Supervisor - Visible Queue Filter now supports use of wildcards entries

    • The Visible Queues Filter setting under the Supervisor section of the User Template and Users screens in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal allows you to optionally restrict the Queues shown in the user's Supervisor views, to only those queues of interest to the specific supervisor (usually used to limit the views to only show queues relevant to the supervisor's group or department).
    • In addition to selecting the queues to show from the Queue list dropdown, the Visible Queues Filter now supports the use of wildcard entries so you don't have to manually select, for example 30-40 queues, in large contact center deployments.
    • To use wildcard entries, manually type in partial queue name patterns, making use of the asterisk (*) character. For example, an entry of CHAT-*-US-* will include all queues with a name starting with CHAT- that also have -US- anywhere later in the queue name - and would include a queue named CHAT-SUPPORT-DE-EN as an example.
  3. Symbee Connect User/Agent UI Directory now shows the type of work when a user is Busy

    • User entries within the Directory tool on the User/Agent UI, when the user is in a Busy state, now shows what types of work (e.g. Call, SMS, Email, Preview, etc.) the user is active on via the the tool tip hover-over.
  4. Remember Search Filter Option is added to the Flow Control Tables Content view in the Admin Portal

    • For better usability when having to make updates to many Flow Table row entries on Tables with a large number of rows, a Remember checkbox is added to the Search Filter on the Flow Control Tables Content screen in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal.

What's Fixed

  1. Updates to the Preview and Progressive Campaign Status screen in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal:
    • Fix for issues seen with incorrect counts being displayed in the Removed column on the Status screen
    • Update to address issue where a Preview Campaign Cleanup action invoked on a large Campaign was not always reporting back to the portal screen when the action was complete.

What Else

  1. The default sort order for entries in the Flow Control Tables Content view of the Administration Portal is updated to sort entries in Row Keys order upon load by default (the sort order can then still be changed using the sort widgets on the column headers as before).
  2. Supportability updates to Symbee Connect Chat Channels.
  3. Supportability updates to the Preview Campaign Realtime API of the Symbee Connect Preview Channel. The Preview Campaign Realtime API is now also out of Beta.

Feature Integration CloudFormation Updates available

2022 / 07 / 23

What's New

  1. New Voicemail capability for Inbound Direct Dial to User calls (when arriving via Chime)

    • Voicemail is now available for Inbound PSTN DID calls to users received in via the Chime Service (DID UC Calling), and is optionally configured on the Symbee Connect User Profile
    • All the same direct user voicemail features available when setting up Symbee Connect User Voicemail within Amazon Connect are now also available for Direct Inbound PSTN calls to a user arriving through Chime
    • The voicemail experience for Direct User Inbound PSTN calls via Chime is configured using an Amazon Connect Contact Flow
    • When an Inbound Chime PSTN call is received by the user, with voicemail enabled, when the receiving user doesn't answer (does not Accept when alerting), or actively Decline's the call, the inbound caller is forwarded to the configured Amazon Connect Contact Flow for voicemail treatment. The resulting voicemail is then available in the User's Symbee Connect User/Agent UI in the Voicemail tool for review, playback, delete, forward, or callback.
    • Symbee Connect Users need to have a unique Extension number configured in their profile to use this feature. If extensions are not already configured we suggest using the last 4-5 digits of the user's DID number.
  2. New supporting Configuration Settings for Inbound Direct Dial to User Voicemail

    • A new Direct User Voicemail Flow Phone Number setting is added to the Company-level Amazon Chime Integration screen in the Symbee Connect Administration Portal. This setting controls which Inbound Amazon Connect claimed Phone Number is used when forwarding callers to Voicemail (the number should be configured in Amazon Connect to forward to the required Voicemail Contact Flow)
    • A new Voicemail Enabled for Inbound PSTN Direct Dial calls setting is added to the User Template and profiles, under the Voice Channel -> Chime Calling section to optionally enable/disable Voicemail behavior.
  3. New Duplicate User Template action added in Administration Portal

    • You can now quickly create a copy of an existing Symbee Connect User Template, duplicated as a new name, from the Symbee Connect Administration Portal User Templates screen.
  4. New (Optional) Strict Next Attempt Behavior in Preview Channel based on Work Codes

    • A new Strict Preview Channel Next Attempt based on Work Code is added to Symbee Connect User Templates and User profiles:
      • Controls Whether strict behavior is active for enabling/disabling the Schedule Next Attempt section of the User/Agent's UI when handling Preview tasks.
      • When enabled, the Schedule Next Attempt action will be forced enabled when a Work Code is selected that indicates an Unsuccessful Contact, otherwise it will be force disabled.
      • Enabling this setting results in subsequent attempts on a Preview task only ever being performed when the agent explicitly selects a Work Code that indicates Unsuccessful Contact.
  5. Additional Contact Attributes loaded on to Amazon Connect Tasks generated via Symbee Connect Task Templates

    • New attributes are conditionally added to tasks generated from the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI Create New Task tool, to create a relationship between the task, and the agent's currently in-focus interaction. For example, if the Create New Task tool is used while the agent is on, or wrapping a Voice call, attributes are added to the created task capturing the ContactId of the Voice call.
    • The following Contact Attributes are automatically populated onto the created Task. These attributes are only set If the agent is actively working an interaction (call, chat, email, task, etc):
      • sc_assoc_interaction_id
      • sc_assoc_interaction_type
      • sc_assoc_interaction_provider

What's Fixed

  1. Update to address where Do Not Call List temporary upload S3 files were not being removed.

  2. Fix to the Flow Control Tables administration screen to address an issue observed when maintaining rows in a Flow Table that used all three keys.

What Else

  1. Updated Symbee Connect User/Agent UI Support Tools to use the newly pushed domain-based Amazon Connect Endpoint Test Utility URL

  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Integration updates

    • The Dynamics 365 integration in the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI now supports optionally receiving details on which Entity to be popped via Amazon Connect Contact Attributes. If the following Contact Attributes are present on the arriving Contact delivered to the agent, the values of these Attributes will be used to perform the Entity pop in Dynamics. If these Attributes are not present, the previously existing behavior is followed:
      • ms_table - the type of Entity to be popped in Dynamics
      • ms_table_key - the name of the primary key on the table identified by ms_table
      • ms_id - the value used for the pop lookup/search
  3. The Symbee Connect Reporting Data feed has been updated to suppress the creation of Interaction Trace Record (ITR) events for Preview and Email tasks delivered to Agents in the occasional situation where those tasks are no longer able to be worked

  4. Preview Channel update to default the Schedule Next Attempt custom date/time picker upon opening, to today's date rather than tomorrow's date, in the Symbee Connect User/Agent UI.

  5. Capacity Expansion in US Virginia and Oregon regions, and Sydney and London regions.

  6. Performance and Stability updates.

Feature Integration CloudFormation Updates available