Change History

An audit of all administrative and configuration updates made through the Symbee Connect Administration Portal can be viewed from the Change History screen, accessed from the Reporting section of the main Function menu within the portal.


It can take up to 1-2 minutes for audit activity associated with a change to become visible within the Change History view. This is normal.

The history of changes is tracked and associated with each Environment within your Symbee Connect Company.

Change history activity is kept for up to 45 days within your Portal and then automatically removed. No action or configuration is required for this to occur. The 45 day period is not configurable, and cannot be increased via a service limit request.

Keeping an audit of changes for periods longer than 45 days

If you have security and compliance requirements to have access to your change history for longer than the 45 days it is automatically available from within your administration portal, you can optionally enable publishing of your change history to an Amazon Kinesis stream within your AWS account.

Refer to the Change History - Publishing to Kinesis step-by-step guide to set this up.

Change/Audit History Kinesis Event format

When change history streaming is enabled, each audit history event is published to the Kinesis stream in your AWS account in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Below are two different examples of audit history events, followed by a description of the fields to expect in each event.

    "PlatformId": "AWS Connect",
    "CompanyId": "abccompany",
    "Environment": "prod",
    "TimeStamp": "2023-01-18T23:29:45Z",
    "SourceType": "ADMIN",
    "SourceUserId": "mike.mars",
    "ActivityAction": "LOGIN",
    "ActivityType": "ADMINUSER",
    "ActionTarget": "mike.mars",
    "ActionDetails": "Administration Portal login"

    "PlatformId": "AWS Connect",
    "CompanyId": "abccompany",
    "Environment": "prod",
    "TimeStamp": "2023-01-05T09:31:30Z",
    "SourceType": "ADMIN",
    "SourceUserId": "mike.mars",
    "ActivityAction": "UPD",
    "ActivityType": "WORKCODES",
    "ActionTarget": "Promised to Pay",
    "ActionDetails": ""

Event Field Descriptions


Will always contain a value of "AWS Connect".


Your Symbee Connect Company Alias value (the company alias you use to sign into the Administration Portal with).


The Environment configured within your Symbee Connect Company the change activity was either associated with or made via.


The date/time (in UTC) the event occurred.


Indicates the source system/service the event occurred via. Currently the only value used is "ADMIN" (indicating the action occurred in the Administration Portal). Expect to see additional values in future releases.


The User Id of the administration user that made the change or caused the activity event to occur.


The action performed as part of the change or audit activity. Expected values are:


The type of object the change or audit activity was associated with. Expected values are:


The identifier of the target object that was changed, or the audit activity focused on. For example, if the change was to a Work Code, this will be the name of the Work Code being updated.


An optional additional text string. When present, this can provide some additional detail about the change or audit activity.