Business Intelligence - Frequently Asked Questions

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Running and Updating the CloudFormation

Deploying our Managed Reports (Dashboards) into your QuickSight Account

Question: No reports discovered, on the QuickSight Reports Deployment view

The most common reason this occurs is when the Symbee Connect Administration Portal can't gain access to the scbi-managed-xxxx Shared Folder within QuickSight, for the AWS Region you have configured for your Environment.

When you visit the QuickSight Reports Deployment view in the Administration Portal and click Discover Available Reports, first it pulls the list of known available reports, and then it checks your scbi-managed Shared Folder in QuickSight to discover what you have already installed, what's not installed, and what has more recent updates. If no access to your QuickSight Account in the required region can be gained, or if the Shared Folder is not present, no reports will be listed on the Reports Deployment view.

Common root causes, and things to check:

Question: Reports fail to deploy, from the QuickSight Reports Deployment view

The most common reason for this is if your QuickSight Account has either not been granted access to the required Business Intelligence S3 Buckets that were created by the CloudFormation, or the scbi-athena-xxxx QuickSight DataSource (also created by the CloudFormation) ended up in a Creation Failed state during or after deployment.

Things to verify (log into your QuickSight console for both of these):

Question: Reports indicate they are installed in theQuickSight Reports Deployment view, but I can't see them in QuickSight